Navigation and Movement Help

I bought this game during last month’s Steam sale. I have heard of Homeworld from the old days but I didn’t have the rig nor chance to play it then. So I was totally pumped up to finally tried the classics which I have heard for many years.

However, I find that the navigation and movement completely alien and difficult. If I zoomed too far out, I am can see the fight but the ships are too small. All I see are green selection boxes flying around. If I zoomed to in, the ships fly off my screen and I don’t know what’s happening?

Then there is the panning of the screen by moving the mouse to the edge. Or the right click and move the mouse. All very confusing and sometimes feels like it is inconsistent.

Are there any tips on what a newbies should do to learn this interface?

Hold down Alt and click on a ship to tether the camera, then zoom in or out! This is all part of the tutorials :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember the tutorial on holding down Alt… and I did Tutorial twice. thanks for the tip! I’ll try it out and report!

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You can also turn off the edge of screen panning in the options menu, and enable NLIPS which makes stuff bigger at distance so you can zoom out but still see everything.

Also hit the Tab key multiple times to cycle through the different levels of tactical overlay information.

wow, useful tips for me to try tonight. Thanks so much. I saw the NLIPS option on the General tab but have no idea what it is.

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Holding down Alt key seemed to help a lot, so thank you.
Is there a shortcut key to cycle among ships or center on a ship? Is that even neccessary?

NLIPS is Non Linear Invert Prospective Scaling (or something like that) and is something I personally loathe as I like to see everything at the proper scale. It dynamically makes tiny things oversized when you’re zoomed out.

If you group ships then you can hit the number of that group twice and be taken to it

I guess that is debatable. For a newbie, being able to see the Interceptor or click on it while zoomed out is helpful. I can understand in later levels when everyone have capital ships, then this setting can be distracting. But for a beginner, it is very useful currently!