NDA email, what happened?

So, I just received the email asking me to accept the NDA, after logging into the website to accept it, I’m presented with a screen that implies I already did.
Not sure what’s going on here…

The NDA email I got tells me to login to SHiFT via a link provided in the email, but there is nothing to click, and no link in the email.

If your email provider spammed the email the link will get removed automatically, you need to un-spam it AND set it to allow the links as well (how to do so depends on the email provider)
if that’s not what happened…
That’s the link that the email sends you to.

Thanks, that seemed to fix it. Was able to sign the NDA.

EDIT: Is there any mention of when we can download and play the game?

None that I’ve seen…
this is PURELY an educated GUESS: I would say around 10/11/2015 alpha/beta start date, lasting for about 2 weeks, 1-2 weeks to fix stuff then 2-3 more weeks of beta. Taking it into the new year and around 1 month till release, maybe they’d do 1 more beta in that time to fill the time till release.
That’s…roughly an average beta schedule for MMOs these days.

Still wondering about the original issue though, didn’t ask me to sign the NDA, it just implies I already signed it…is there any way to check if it registered me correctly? i.e. to check if the NDA is “signed” on my account?

I got a NDA email today, too! I logged in and agreed to the NDA with no problem.

I hope that means were all finalist to preview BattleBorn :+1:t2:

I think it means we got into the first round…NDA is just one way to take non-serious people out of the equation, those that don’t accept don’t qualify.

I have the same issue, logged in via shift and can’t find NDA anywhere. Can it be reset???

So I am not sure what happened if I accepted it or not but there was a link I clicked on it and I went to the website and signed in but there was nothing else to click does this mean I am signed in?

Does logging in to Shift from the email count as accepting the NDA? I get no other prompts or links once I login.