NE viable at 70?

I was just wondering if NE was usable at level 70 more specifically Dahl Ars like the major tom and miniguns. Or even in general if NE is good at all if you not using the best weapons.

Not on armored enemies!

Dahl AR’s aren’t particularly good, but some of the other NE guns are fantastic (coughtheluckcannonisbetterthanthenorfleetcough)

nisha makes good use of NE. beyond her I would say quite a few different builds can make use of NE weapons very well, but as @Cowthulhu46 said, Dahl ARs aren’t too great. Major toms are good, but elemental matching will be best with those. Other that that I would say it’s easiest to make jakobs good when it comes to NE. Luck cannon, flayer, striker all good as well as purple/ glitch coach guns, quads, and jakobs snipers. If you are dead set on dahl NE I would go with major tom or torrent.

At level 70 you should only really utilise NE weapons as Nisha, Jack or Aurelia. As mentioned above Nisha can make pretty much every Jakobs weapon viable even against some armoured targets. Preferable The Luck Cannon because it has perfect synergy with her skills, a Jakobs shotty (Striker, Flayer & Glitched Coach Gun or the Hammer Buster II are also quite viable on her. Jack can make great use of Jakobs Quads especially with a Ceo of Ceos Class mod which gives him a 80% to not use ammo. Miniguns can also find use on them especially if glitched. Aurelia can utilise Jakobs sniper very well though in some cases you’d prefer a Cryo Snider. Not sure about Clappy but both Athena and Wilhelm kinda need either elemental damage or Lasers so it’s not really good on them.

That’s what I like about the original borderlands. I could destroy with a NE gun on any character. Now I’m limited to 3 if I want best results…

Maybe 4 if you don’t invest in Athena’s elemental tree.

Best results is pretty much investing in Athena’s elemental tree.

True, and against some bosses it is needed (looking at you EOS/RK5), but for mobbing she should be able to use non-elemental.