Nearly 2 weeks in still no fix in sight

Starting to get extremely impatient for the vibration fix I know I can’t be the only one…starting to really regret picking up a digital copy. When the rumble does work (which isn’t even 5 minutes) the game feels completely different.


Yeah it really sucks.

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By the way, supposedly the issue also happens with the hard copy of the game. At least that’s what’s been reported online although I haven’t tried a disc install. I opted to download the digital copy the night of the release. I should have just waited to buy the game till they worked out all the bugs…and maybe even for a lower price. I’m super annoyed they still won’t even provide an ETA on a fix. And I still don’t get how the quality control team didn’t notice such a HUGE bug.

it was probably never really fully tested in the first place, cause its hard to believe that they didn’t know this stuff if they tested it, other option is they knew but didn’t care. either way, someone really messed this up

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Im on disk,and yes vibration problem is here too.