Nearly 9gb day one patch - not happy

Only have 40gb internet per month, you guys screwed my with a 9gb patch what is it the clap trap dlc?

It’s likely EVERY single dlc for both games (skins included) as well as 4 extra characters, all the maps AND the patches to ensure cross save. Not exactly their fault you have only 40gb internet per month. It’s not as if 6 years worth of work can be put into one disk.

All dlc is on disk from what ive read. And ive seen the patch notes too so im still wondering why the 9gb day one patch? When not even 1/2 of the disk size is used

Have a friend downloading the patch for me, hes doing gtav heists (6gb) and bloodborne day one patch (3gb) you game devs are killing me please finish your game then release it, what the heck would game developers for snes do if the game didnt work?

apparently the xbone one is 16gb,these day one patches are out of control…

It has reached the point of claptrapism. I’m OK with a big patch, but 8+gig is really pushing it.

And the very worst of all is that I’m now staring at a screen getting the patch at about 500kb/s. My line’s speed is 1gb/s.

The file size I could possibly live with, with a decent download speed. This just blows.

Christ!! I am deathly afraid of your avi

Seriously change your ISP instead of blaming gearbox, lots of games have big dlcs now.

"For The Handsome Collection, a large day-one update will be available giving access to Claptastic Voyage and Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2. This update will also address various bugs.

Although the update is large (as it’s adding an entire and brand new add-on campaign), we strongly recommend that all players download it before playing The Handsome Collection."

It does indeed suck (fortunately US PSN had the game pre-loadable), but I guess it can’t really be helped if the Claptrap DLC wasn’t ready at the same time as the Handsome Collection went gold.

Glad to hear you have a friend available to download it for you anyway :slight_smile:

Just when you think you’ve heard it all,Gearbox being blamed for someones ISP plan

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have a choice in the matter. If you live outside the main cities your options are often pretty limited. I get 6Mbps and someone just up the road gets 2. But no supplier offers faster speeds in my village. Game designers shouldn’t just cater for city folk

Let’s be honest they could have delayed it a week and added this patch onto the disc.

The day 1 patches are ridiculous. Its not the claptrap dlc either because the x360 size was about 2.5gb you add in 1080p which bumps it’s size about 1/3rd which puts it about 3.3gb. The idea that these patches are actually made before the game is released just blows my mind. It’s like getting a car with 5th and 6th gear missing and telling you to bring it back in a month and we’ll fix it.

I will probably not be buying new games for about a month after they are released because you get hosed.

In GBX defense they aren’t the only ones releasing half efforts, it seems like vg developers have been doing it across the board. I think 2014 has been a record breaking year for having game breaking glitches on release day.

Pretty sure that production and manufacture logistics aren’t quite that simple.

Pretty sure they had plenty of notice to justify delaying the game. Blizzard did/does it all the time.

The claptrap dlc was announced what a month ago? I understand that suddenly halting production two days before launch would make for a logistics nightmare but I am relatively certain they had some time to think about it.