Neat things you noticed while playing

I was able to play one mission, The Algorithm, as Oscar Mike solo and though it took a long, long time, I beat it and unlocked ISIC (seriously, I think TTK may need to be tuned down for solo, but the challenge was spot on and more difficult than I anticipated). That in and of itself was not unexpected, as I knew about that unlock, but what was cool is that it displays that in your profile feed on PSN. :slight_smile:

Anyone notice any other neat things?

I played the same way. And also thought it took a long time which will make this game worth it.
One thing I noticed is melee. It’s lacking something. Not sure exactly what but I think it needs better sound effects.

Definitely feel you on the TTK for solo story missions. It looks like you get the same waves of enemies as the fiver-person gameplay and the bosses are not scaled for one person, so the mission takes FOREVER and you can die at the drop of a hat.

Granted as a team-based game the solo story should probably not be a huge priority but it would be nice!!