Necromancer Skill Tree

Gibbe giblets to gib, undead minions stitched together from the squishy remains of your local corpse pile to command!

Head for a leg? D!€k for an arm? Twelve torsos? No problem! Use whatever’s nearby to add to your collection of dismembered, yet undying severtude.

Sure you may only have a chance to raise them, and not be able to throw grenades, and their duration might be a bit low, but that’s to be expected from hunky chunks of rotting meat and splintered bone!

Look at the bright side, you can use the blood trails as bread crumbs; never get lost again! Order them to charge enemies and explode! Pet their little fleshless faces! Unless that’s a- know what, nevermind.

For a limited time only all this can be yours at the low low price of only… actually I dunno what the dev crew’s getting paid.

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