Need 1 more to play as lilith for a 4 player play though

(kyrans) #1

Hey everyone, me and a couple of guys are planning to play though the whole game we are looking to do it with 4 player all different classes and we are missing one person to play as the siren. If you are interested message me on steam and we will get started playing.

Steam name: kyran_s

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(Isthiswill) #2

Depending on the available times you all have to play and how long your sessions will be I might be game.

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(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #3

Time frames would be important if I’m to participate. I’m PDT(california). I would most likely be available M-F around 5pm or so. Or is this a weekend thing?

My Siren’s name is Brick! And she’s the prettiest! :smirk:

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