Need 1 player so we have a 4 man Co op team

Hi me and 2 memeber of my clan have taken a.break from.destiny and arw after a 4th so we have a full team we all have played and Finnish borderlands 2 we just would like an extra man to have a 4 man team we are all from the uk so we usual start at 7pm gmt time and it’s normally on a Tuesday and Sunday night we all have kids so can’t get on every night if anyone is interested my psn is sparky11212


Hey, Im UK based and may be up for some of this. Pissed off with playing online randoms who ninja loot, kick you as soon as boss is dead or leave players behind. Not gonna say I’m an amazing player but I’m not a glory hogger and will look out for teammates. What classes and levels are you guys at? I’m OP8 Axton.

Hey dogstar13 sorry just realised you replied I don’t have the forums liked to my current email address. We are all level 19 haha we all had thr game on xbox for pc and have all moved across to the ps4. I understand of you don’t wana add me as we are massively underpowered by wr do habe a spot for you if you wana make a new character or something?? And I Do have q second on.the go that I have just been.soloing if you wanted to power level me up I wouldn’t complain :). But we can only get on as a 3/4 maybe 2/3 nights a week as we all have kids and stuff. Also if you know of any good spots or people to farm for legendarys that would be greatly appreciated as I can’t remember it’s been a long time but loving the fresh run. Anyways my psn is sparky11212 just send me an invite me.hopefully we can get on at something and have a blast

Ohh and we don’t hog loot we share and we have me as a siren a gunzerka and then my other 2 mates that drift between games are a commando and zer0

Hey, I had a feeling you guys woulld be lower lvl, no worries. I could help by levelling you all up some on tier 3 bar room brawl? No interest in making a new character dude, I’ve spent 100’s of hours getting to OP8 and farming perfect gear and I’m fuct if I’m gonna do it again! lol. Attached a link to who drops legendaries but after that IMO the best farms are hansome sorcerer,treants (bee), legendary loot midgets and pete. Having said that it’s not realy worth farming until UVHM at lvl 50 as all your pre lvl 50 stuff will be more or less useless anyway!

Anyhoo, send an FR if your interested - PSN dogstar13

Like I said I don’t mind in helping out ony other character I totally understand that you don’t wana make another as it’s a Long old grind but you can.transfer your gear over like and thanks for the link I’ll send you a.friends request ans.hopefully get on.with you at some point even if you will be carrying me arse haha hopefully will be able to repay the favour someday.

Cool, I made it all the way to OP4 on my own and then a guy carried me through the last 4 lvls so it’s good to pay it forward and help other players out.

See you in the borderlands!

Cheers buddy I only had it on the xbox I think it was before they brought out the op levels they total carnage

Hey dogstar if you’re interested, I’m pretty decent at the game as I played it on Xbox 360, I’m pretty underpowered at the moment but if you can help me level up then I can help you farm bosses on nights you aren’t with these guys!

Hi, thanks for the offer but I don’t really wanna get involved with helping multiple people power level, sorry. I only offered as a one off for these guys as I thought it would be fun to have a 4 man team at some point! And whilst I do raid bosses I don’t farm them anymore as I’ve got everything I want from the bosses!

Having sais that feel free to send an FR and if I’m on and not busy with something else I will try and help
you out a bit.

Any chance I can get you to help level me up?

No worries dogstar, I’ll add you now