Need 4 other people for Kid Ultra lore


Looking to do Kid Ultra lore. Need to go into a private pve match and heal 4 other Battleborn with his ultimate. It shouldn’t take long as his ult has a fairly quick cooldown (30 seconds?). Just need everyone to be a little damaged from adds, huddle together, and then I heal. This needs to be done x10 to complete the lore. This is my final character lore, so I hope I hear from enough people. Thank you. =)

PSN ID: deadpixel_EXE

This has come up many times so I’ll give you the run down on how to easily do it.

  • First off, It counts KU in progress towards the 4 battleborn so you only need three other people.

  • Second, it doesn’t matter if they are damaged so long as they are in the radius during the final explosion

  • Third, if you get to level ten with him you can do this with only one other person. Choose the healing over time Helix at ten and if someone moves in the radius, leaves and comes back in the radius, it will count towards healing them. I’ve gotten progress with only one other person in a PvE mission.

Even better, you can use another controller to do this

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What he said, he’s smarter than me.

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Lol I just spend more time here

Well that is very true. But I was one of the first people to post on the forums about how to do KU’s lore with less than 4 people using his level ten helix because I figured it out pretty much the day of his release and it never occurred to me that you could just do it in split screen with a second controller.

It just makes me think about how many lore challenges could have been done solo instead of getting a friend to jump off a cliff with me.

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No second controller, lol. Good to know though.

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Yeah that’s always a possibility but had to check :relaxed: