Need 72/OP4-6 gear; will trade OP8 gear!

Hey all,

Need some gear to get through DigiPeak with some of my toons.
Me and my friend have unlocked up to OP 5 thus far-

Some OP8 gear i can trade:

DP Harold
Klook Trespasser
Puissant Norfleet (Corrosive)
Practicable Interfacer (Shock, Fire)
Flying Sandhawk (Shock, Fire)
Infinity (fire)
Rough Rider
Blockade (1.82s delay)
The Bee (inflammable, alkaline)
The Sham (94%)
Sheriffs Badge (max stats)
Bone of the ancients (max stats fire shock corrosive)
Legendary Gunzerker
Legendary Reaper
Legendary Roboteer
Chain Lightning

I may have more OP8 Gear.
Can also trade:
OP4&5 Bitch, DP Harold
OP2-4 Bees
OP 7 Badaboom, DP Harold, Bee

Mainly Looking For:
Set of 72, OP4-6 Sandhawks
Set of 72, OP4-6 Norfleets
Set of 72, OP 4-6 conference calls
Just in general. Other gears of course would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Timing of meeting online shouldnt be too big an issue
just shoot me a message either on here or on PSN. Thanks!

PSN: charleslee05