Need a 100%Ase Stagecoach with high pellet count and more, Items below for trade

Have: Lvl 53 Wedding invitation 100%weapon Damage ASE
Lvl53 Nukem(normal)125% splash damage ASE
Lvl50 Maggie 100% weapon damage ASE
Lvl50 Recursion(radiation, fire)125% splash damage ASE
Lvl53 Ion cannon(normal)125% Spash damage ASE
Lvl53 Star helix (normal) 100% weapon damage ASE
Lvl50 cutsman(electric) 125% splash damage ASE
Lvl53 shredifier(cryo ) 100% weapon damage ASE
Want: lvl50-53 stagecoach 100% weapon damage ASE with high pellet count
Lvl50-53 o.M shield any element ASE
Lvl50-53 scourge 125/100% splash/weapon damage ASE all elements