Need a Borderlands Co-Op Buddy! :D

Hello Travelers!

My name is AutobotMirage28. I’m on the XBOX and I would appreciate some help playing and having fun in the original Borderlands! I don’t have much to offer, other than friendship, but you are welcome to any Orange-rarity Weapons that we find.

Also, it’ll be a ton of fun! I still have the Underdome, General Knoxx, and Claptrap (Not to Mention Playthrough 2) to get through. :wink:

I am a Level 41 Siren. I hope that I make some nice friends out here! TTYL :blush:

Got you moved to the Xbox section. Happy looting!

Thank you! Do you want to play by chance?

Unfortunately I typed this while at work, so playing right now is impossible! I’m sorry.

It’s cool. :slight_smile:

I’m down for some borderlands coop gt is PeterL2014

Cool. I added you. Just message when you want to play! :smile:

ok cool btw u on xbox 360 or xboxone ? cause I only have the 360.

XBONE One, but I’m pretty sure we can still connect.

as far as I know that wont work though I could be wrong

When I get home from college we can try. :wink:

I am always down to play. LuckieCharmsOG

added u a while ago u still haven’t accepted friend request

ok cool message me when ur on

Umm…I’m not sure how to see who has added me since the Xbox update… Sry. Any way you can send me a message on the Xbox?

sent u a message and a new friend request if. u can send me friend request if ur having trouble getting yours

I’d like in on this! :smile:

I have the game on 360 and the Xbone. I would love to try and connect via 360 and xbone on a coop session. I would like to see if this is indeed possible.

my gt: Kurtdawg13

I should be online around 4-5pm PST.

it works I was in a friends game earlier he is on xbone and I’m on 360

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