Need a co-op partner or someone who can run me through the game

So I’m running through my backlog of Xbox 360 game because I plan on selling it soon so I can focus on Xbox One only from now on and Borderlands 2 is one of the few games I have left.

All my buddies stopped playing it so I have no one to co-op it with and playing solo just isn’t very fun… I’m starting the main mission “The Once and Future Slab” and could use some help, I’m a level 23 Zero. Preferably looking for someone to just run through the main missions with me or if you’re higher level just carry me through them. I want to see what happens in the story but it’s becoming a chore to play solo.


Just had wisdom tooth surgery so i"m off today if anyone is available. I’m looking to complete the main story missions only. I’m working on “The Once and Future Slab” solo right now but it’s starting to get too hard to solo. Thanks!

I can help you plow thru the story if that’s all you’re really after

That’s it. I’m level 24 Zero and I’m working on the mission “The Man Who Would Be Jack” now.

My tag is BTK420247

You guys still trying to speed run the game?

Finished it that day