Need a Confrence Call and butcher

Hello I need a Confrence call shot gun I can’t get it it’s Only gun that I need I also need the butcher if anyone has extra ones my gamer tag is altghostrider I’m on Xbox one

I have 6 conference calls around level 35+ They around your level?

I’ve got a bunch of CCs (shock, slag, corrosive) and a corrosive butcher all at OP8 if that’s of interest. I’m looking for a slippery ogre and/or the Dahl predator commando skin.

GT is ABigRedMonster.

hey u think i could get one plz the game tag is altghostrider

i dont got any of those yet had to restart my game data was corrupted

Do you still have any confrance calls if so what do you want for one? Gamer tag is kordot

Sure altghostrider and kordot, Im willing to give you both one, Gamertag is Messeduppancake I play on xbox one