Need a core group to play at after 7

Need a solid group to play with regularly. lvl 50 with Axton on ultimate vault hunter, lvl 5 with psych, and lvl 13 with the psyon. Im just started the pre-sequal with Athena at lvl 6. Have the standard mic. Just want a group of ppl to play with that want to atleast do the story

i would

im Storm0king. AngelLove57 is your gamer tag?

yes it is

teacup775 i play both games. i have all bl2 chars at op8, but like regular play thru. tps i have nisha, and athena at 70

can u help me to lvl up im lvl 60 can u get me to op 8?

Thanks ill add you later today

Add me CaD3N-_-