Need a effective maya op8 solo raid build

I have read through the build collection. most if not all are great against mobs… Is there any build that is good for maya to solo op8 raid boss ?

or is “mandatory” for me to co-op with other class to have an easier time killing raid boss ?

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If I solo OP8 Raid Bosses, I mostly play co-op, I just switch my Legendary Nurse Mod for the Legendary Cat Mod and use a Sandhawk with a Dahl Allegiance Relic (Recoil -53.5% / Burst Delay -53.5%)

I’d also like to hear what other Maya players use on Raids.

Asking once is enough man.
There arn’t a lot of guys who raid on maya, most of the people who like raiding have migrated to charecters who are better at it.

Raiding on maya is kinda goofy you pretty much have to take all the skills that arn’t kill skills or dependant on Phaselock.
The other thing is, on most charecters you usually make tweaks to your build depending on the raid you’re fighting.

That siad, something like this with a L.Siren or L.Cat COM should do OK for most of them.

I agree with this build. Also put a bone of ancients and a bee on.

I was using MoLMF’s Blurred Trickster build for raid bosses- haven’t tried her against any since the patch though so I might take a run at a few now…