Need a favour, "And Then They'll Tell Two Friends"

Hiya people, I’m hoping someone on here could do me a huge favour.
I’ve got one final achievement to get on Borderlands 1, but it’s the damn viral achievement “and then they’ll tell two friends”. If anyone has the achievement on Xbox 360 or One would they be willing to hop into a game with me to pass it on?
I have atleast one copy of every legendary (minus the Eridian ones) at a high level, I can trade as thanks.

I’ve now got this Achievement, first random game I joined popped it, lol.

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What time zone are you in? I could help you with that tonight. (Eastern time zone - currently 9 am here).

I definitely have it, but since I played on xb1 the Xbox app is telling me I have no gamerscore for borderlands??
I would be willing to try for you,
I will be available in a few hours 5pm(gmt)

Sounds odd - mine shows up. Are you signed in with the same gamertag as you had on 360, and were your saves in cloud sync before launching the game on the XB1?

Yes to all your questions! Maybe just a Xbox thing, just didn’t want to waste the op time since its a achievement based thing they are after.

I’m in GMT. I’m afraid I can’t do tonight need to get my gold up an running, wasn’t able to get the code today like I thought I would.
@ScaryCartoons If either of you are on tomorrow though, I should be able to do that, I’m on pretty late Fridays too.
Thanks for the assisst.

Ooh wait I’ve got my code, never mind, haha.

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If you don’t manage to get the achievement today, I may be able to get on early enough Friday to overlap with you. Send a XBL message to Alkymist96, and I’ll get back to you.

Drop a message to gt= scarycartoons, il be available from 12midday friday(gmt) to most of weekend.
Hopefully can sort you out if still needing it

@ScaryCartoons @VaultHunter101 I’ve ended up getting it, joined a random game thinking sod it you never know. First one joined gave it too me lol. Guess if I make an edit to the original post it doesn’t give a notification.
I’m still up for trading with either of you, if you we’re predominantly interested in the legendaries I was offering.

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Least joining a public match was useful for something!
Glad you got it sorted.

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I’m always down to help anyone with this one. sono2351 hit me up xbox360