Need a few tips for bossing

I can mob easily with zane but I was wanting a few tips on weapons(which ones to use) on bosses like graveward and takedown.
Best anointment for certain bosses and artifacts and shields.
Thanks for any and all replies.

krakatoa works well against graveward

The cryo anoint is great on Zane. As for specific weapons the usual contenders all work well cutsman, lob, etc

Takedown mobbing:
Wedding Invitation
(a lot of weapons typically work here)

Cutsman*** probably the best gun for him, shock +100% cryo and you don’t need a corrosive, or grab a shock/corr combo. No anointments are needed btw.
x25 Stagecoach

krakatoa as mentioned.
Wedding Invitation
Lyuda (fire)
Cutsman in his center eye crit spot works wonders.
Linoge (incendiary w/ cryo or clone swap is awesome as well)
Ion Cannon (since ammo is no issue here)
(a lot of weapons typically work here that have fire bonus)

(Play with diff ones for your builds. Each build has affinity with some weaps better than others)

Additionally for Graveward, if you can get a 1 Shotter Shield and use the Krakatoa or Wedding Invitation you will be killing him very quickly indeed. :laughing:

I run Takedown M4 Normal scaled quite comfortably with Zane Drone / Dome using Brainstormer, Redistributor, Carrier, Maggie. At Wotan I swap the Brainstormer for an Arc Cutsman and the Carrier for a Corrosive Cutsman and all is well in 1 to 2 min or faster if modifier supports.


I agree with pretty much all the items mentioned, and just have two things to add. First, I found that with my build, a Krakatoa with the reload on clone swap actually killed Graveward faster than my Krakatoa with 130% bonus weapon damage on clone swap as long as I timed my swaps correctly. Second, the Hellshock is pretty decent for bosses now as well.

I’ve only seen a few triple-affix shields, but I do have a double-amp shield. I’m still not sure how it’s better than the rerouter. Something about single projectile vs multi, and then something about the hidden projectiles…I got lost. I need to go find those vids again and figure it out some day.

But the double-amp shield worked pretty well, so did the rerouter with the sniper rifles. I used a lvl 1 rerouter and if I could avoid taking damage, I did OK. But often my barrier would drop and I’d be toast. Though a thought occurred to me…got some tests to run…

The 1 shotter drains 20% shields for 100% weapon damage, I can’t recall what the rerouter takes by comparison. My build has the drone topping up my shield and with barrier up I rarely take damage so can fire as soon as the 20% recovers.

That’s probably a better deal overall, unless you are looking for one-shot one-kill. The Rerouter drains 50% for 120% damage, so slightly better in the sniper role. That’s why I used a level 1, it recharges really fast. But I guess it doesn’t work correctly with the multi-pellet guns.

Apparently none of the legendary amp shields work correctly with multipellet guns. But the epic one works well on all weapons. Sadly, I’ll probably find another 100 rerouters before I see that triple-amp. I would take a double-amp with a good anoint and fast recharge delay and/or rate. I’m running CCC + Deterrence Field, so it’s probably for the best that I don’t rely on crits. haha.

For Graveward I have to recommend using the Wedding Invitation with SNTNL Cryo anointment with a class mod that gives a buff to Jakobs crit damage and incendiary damage buff on an artifact. This is how I defeat Graveward in about 30 seconds on mayhem 4.

Wotan is easily defeated with a shock and corrosion Cutsman. If you can get one, use the SNTNL Cryo anointment and one that gives you 69% increased projectile speed.

Breath of the Dying with SNTL bonus cryo anointment works wonders for any armored boss/badass including Wotan.

As I understand it, the unique shield part that makes the shield a legendary is what doesn’t amp properly. The generic amp parts always work properly even when spawned on a legendary shield.

Here is a topic about a Red Suit with 2 amp parts for example.