Need a good solo build

Hello! I have returned to playing Borderlands 1 after about a 2 year absence. I just bought the Triple Pack, so I wanted to replay 1 and 2 and their DLC before getting into the Pre-Sequel. I had already leveled Mordecai in one playthrough and still had my level 36 save file, luckily.

I had apparently played him as a sniper with a little bit of the rogue (Bloodwing) tree thrown in. I don’t have any specific gear, class mods, shields or anything. Just whatever I collected on my first playthrough.

I played for a few hours last night after getting bored of starting a Lilith, and I decided that sniping doesn’t seem that appealing for solo play because more often than not with my noob aim, enemies get a bit close to me and I have to usually switch weapons to kill stuff.

So I figure Rogue/Gunslinger may be a good option for me, but I can’t seem to find any decent builds anywhere that actually utilize Bloodwing quite a bit, as well as the Gunslinger tree (which I’ve never tried) I know you can infinitely respec, but I don’t wanna go broke because I can’t seem to create the right build for me for myself. So I figure someone here may have some decent insight or already have a build they could share. A max level build would be cool, but right now I’m close to level 40, so that would be fine as well.

I’d post a spec but I reset it before I thought to use one of those websites to build it and share it, so it’s a blank slate at the moment.

I see this place isn’t exactly the most active, but hopefully it’s not so dead that I can’t get any help.

For a Rogue/Gunslinger, something like this is what you should go for:

The last three points can be stuck in whatever you want, although i’d argue against Riotous Remedy and Smirk, as both are pretty well useless.

As for a COM, if you want to focus more on buffing Bloodwing, then a Hunter or Ranger com will do you good. For focusing more on your weapons, a Gunslinger or an Assassin (if using more corrosive weapons).


Wow, thank you for all of the info and advice. I didn’t expect to get a response that fast. I really appreciate it.

I’ll try your suggested build and see if it fits/helps me better. Thanks again.

This has been a huge help in improving how I play as Mordecai. Thanks so much for the build suggestion and the advice. Picking enemies off that are far away is fun, but since I play solo I typically get mobbed pretty quick. So this helps me live a lot longer.

ACNAero has it right. Also check out Frightning,s guides in the Mordecai section. They’re very informative as well

I would disagree with the choice of ransack it isn’t that beneficial. Swipe would be a decent option to give a extra melee slash if your on the defensive from enemies rushing you down. While not the strongest choice in a arsenal it has far more use than ransack.

Oops I meant to say lethal strike my bad, too early in the morning here lol.

Im not sure id say it has more use than Ransack. Those two skills are on such opposite sides of the spectrum, its honestly too difficult to make that sort of judgment,
Its honestly a very subjective choice. There are some Gunslingers where i have Ransack, which is an all around super fun skill and others where i have Lethal because thats a whole different kind of fun.

They each have their benefits. But for someome who isnt into melee, speccing into Lethal would be a waste of points.

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Yeah it’s a matter of choice your right, I was just thinking in terms of survivability which would be of better benefit. I guess playstyle would have a lot to do with it.