Need a good TO3 for Competitive

We are looking for a dedicated team who will be spending time wanting to get better. We are a very strong TO2 who can play our roles with no doubt, My partner is a main control who can hold down anything given the right team. I am a Ranged damage player who does a lot of lurking. We both want a team who has a very good healer and really good melee/ranged players. We are tired of carrying and have a lot of experience with competitive. We are very vocal and want a vocal team. Reply to this or message “Sir_Hypnotic” on PS4 :smiley:

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Hey wassup. I have a team of about 2/3 (including myself) of consistently good players. I have a player who is insanely good at pushing and mapping and cornering with phoebe as well as caldarius. Also he is skilled at picking up other characters.

I main thorn and orendi. I am a great map controller, pusher, leader. I know how to make calls and admit mistakes. Im currently working on shane to add melee to my arsenal, as well as deande.

Let me tell you about us. We are team players, we are very vocal , we call out our map positions, our enemies, keep eachother posted etc. We play to wi.n. but were chilled mas chill, not asses about anything. Were looking for people who play a lot and are looking to be apart of a team.

We mostly need to also find a GOOD dedicated miko healer.

I mainly play between 11pm 2am EST time because i working during the day. But promy is def on more during the day. And im on all the time on my days off.

Add SetItAllonFire
ADD Promyvoin.

Lets get up and create a cool ass super team.


the problem we are gonna have is your schedule. just wont fit ours well. sorry man

Yall dont play during the night? Mostly day players?

Not only will it be difficult for our schedule. Its also the fact that we will only get about 3 hours to play on some days.

Hey man my name is SOPHOCLES_IX

Me and my teammate are good. We however don’t have any schedule, as we play whenever. We are casual players who play with competitive mindset. If you are fine with that just add us, because we fit your description very well.

Hey lets play sopho! Ima add you tonight! @tarlop71

Find me on psn. Midgemen. Send me a message first. Solid team player with many characters. Prefer not to be a healer, but can be if needed. Better with slayer type characters.

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