Need a hand if anyone knows updated drops

Anyone know where the deathless drops? Tried it off of the old dedicated drop the phoenix and wondering if it’s changed because I haven’t seen the drops for a solid 2 or 3 hours now, haven’t really known many of the dedicated drops since they changed them a couple months ago

Edit: ended up getting one for my nova flak, dedicated drop is still phoenix for anyone who is wondering the same thing, just had terrible rng as rabid said

It’s still Phoenix, broski.
RNG has just not been your friend.

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sorry to say it’s definitely still the Phoenix

It mentions 10% which probably bad rng at work too

While it is still Phoenix as pointed out already you might as well try beating up graveward or another boss of your choice. Save yourself some frustration/tedium of fighting the same target over and over and over and over and over and over and over again only to get nothing. Artifiacts tend to be common world drops and given the heavy weighting in favor of world drops over dedicated drops you would probably have better luck there.

I’m sick of farming to try and get something to world drop lol, been killing graveward since launch for world drops, I asked to double check so I could avoid doing that again

How do you link web pages?

Hope that helps sorry

So now I taken a shot with this since I’m now using Moze to get to max level. I want a Deathless but the Phoenix at M0 being very stingy in not dropping it. I farmed Graveward for a good while and I got no Deathless from him.

This is kinda becoming and issue and I rather not resort to trade. No one ever responds to my trade which expires as of now

would be cool if the Phoenix had a chance to drop dedicated loot each time you down it (so three times each kill). currently it’s one of the most annoying farms in the game. and it sucks so bad to get Phoenix Tears relic 50% of the time instead of Deathless