Need a legendary anarchist class mode op8

hi, im looking for a legendary anarchist classmode op8 and maybe a legendary gunzerker, i have some good gear to trade, norfleet, maybe an ogre, a sham (94%).
my psn id: andres_wolfwood
let my know here or a message to my account

I think I have both those. Will check when I get home. Will be on about 7:00 central time(Chicago). I would like the ogre.

Hi, I’ve got a legendary berserker with 46% cooldown rate, 28% fire rate & 45% melee damage, legendary anarchist is 50% gun damage & -40% weapon accuracy. Both lvl 72 but I think as they are passive lvl doesnt matter? Got some other stuff to trade or could help with missons etc, would love an ogre at op3.