Need a level 50 infinity pistol, much appreciated

Been farming for hours and haven’t got the infinity pistol. I am playing backward compatibility version. If you have a spare, that’d be so great. Thanks
Message me at: BrysonTheBison

I have a spare you can have

I am playing the backwards compatibility game fyi, what is your gamer tag?

If your playing the backwards compatibility game you might want to switch over to the bl2 threads for the 360

How would I do that?

because i cant trade you anything from the handsome collection which is xboxone with the backward compatibility version of borderlands 2 because it is still xbox360

Is there any way around it other than having to buy the handsome collection?

Sorry but once I’ve transferrd my gear from the 360 to the handsome collection via cloud save i cant get it back from the xb1 to the 360. I can send you the link to the 360 thread where you may find someone to trade with whether they’re playing on xboxone or 360

That’d be great if you could give me that link, thanks for trying to help

Alrighty, thank you