Need a lil help farming a level 60 bee shield

any able to help just message gt neil911snake

I have a lvl 60 bee shield.

are you willing to part with

I have an extra level 60 bee shield how far are you in the story. Need someone to do the moonshot exp glitch with.

im now on man who would be jack pretty sure im past the moonshot fast travel dohickey

I’ve got one for you. Will be on later. GT lukeisamazing

sweet just message me when on ill be on most of today

I can help you out. But I’m an OP8 so the shield that drops might be a 72

i have a level 61 bee…

Whiskey like the help will definitely need a lvl 72 eventually

Bethany id definitely take a lvl 61 bee shield

okay, my gt is xxbethsanityxx

im on now if youd like to come grab it

Id love to grab it