Need a little advice

So I’m level 42 in tvhm and I’m hitting a platue . It’s getting to the point where I can barely damage things. I’m using gunzerker duel pistol build and it’s been great. I’m about half way through tvhm and haven’t seen an upgrade since around 37ish. Nothing but greens and whites, and a few completely useless blues. It’s just getting tedious at this point. Am I missing something, doing all side quests, just not seeing any upgrades at all. What can I do at this point?

Take the greens for a test drive and see how they work. Don’t just look at the base damage - fire rate and reload time factor in to how much damage you can lay down. Pay attention to your shield, too - I’ve used green and white rarity shields while levelling, even in UVHM, when they’ve given me just that little extra. They need to be on-level with your current mission though. Check all the white, green, and red weapon chests you find on maps that are scaled at the current (or close to) main story mission level.

Finally, let’s take a look at your build. Fill it out at the following page, then copy and paste the url into a post here so folks can take a look at it - you may be missing out on something that will make a difference.

Moving to the Gunzerker section…

This is build so far. I’m using any upgrades so far no matter the color. The shield I use is 15k and explosive resistance but it gets dropped in a few shots most of the time.

I wish you hadn’t moved this to a class discussion . I dont have build questions I have equipment questions.

Both go together in TVHM - and more so if you continue to UVHM. Certain weapon types work better with some character-specific skills than others,

Looking at your build, you seem to be focussing on a pistol build? (5/5 I’m Your Huckleberry) That’s a little limiting while you’re still levelling up. You have skills that should work with other small mag weapons though. You also don’t have any healing with that current build - do you have a COM or transfusion grenades that give you some health back?

Depending on how far through the story you are, this mission should give you a good pistol at about your current level. Similarly, “Note for Self Person” (from killing a Goliath in the Fridge) and Slap Happy (Sir Hammerlock) would net you some decent weapons.

The main problem you’re going to run in to is that all the earlier maps will be locked to lower levels, so you won’t find much gear there that will help. You could try farming the vending machines near the Fast Travel stations - a good use for all the junk you might otherwise pass over along the way.

What main story quest are you up to, and what level is it?

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Wildlife preservation level 42. Yea I’m using duel pistols atm but mixing it up if I find better weapons. I think I may burn a few gold key to see what happens. Thanks for the input, guess I’ll just keep chipping away.

For WEP you really need shock, fire, and corrosive weaponry to get you through. Shock for the shields on the stalkers and fire to burn them and the skags, then corrosive for all the loaders etc. It can be really hard to hit some of those skags, especially the rabid and nitro ones.

The keys should help - keep an eye out for Tesla grenades for one thing - but you may also be able to get some additional gear by hitting the Fridge again.

If they’re not too far below you and you haven’t done them yet, the shotguns from Out of Body Experience (loader in Bloodshot Stronghold) and Splinter Group (from Tannis but in same location) might help you out, especially if you farm the turn in on the latter for a shock or corrosive version.

Equipment is part of your build. If you’re having trouble finding gear that fits your build, you should change your build to fit what you’re finding.


Maybe change your build to a more conventional one so then you can start using more found gear. Your gear is probably underleveled. Look at everything that drops and pick it up to see how it works for you, you might find something you’d be willing to use.

When you get to a higher level you can go back to your prefered build when you have the right gear for it. Gear specific builds are quite difficult when you get to the point in the game where you’re relying on found gear, because world drops have an unbelievably large loot pool, its hard to find the exact thing you want. Of course you can always try farming but considering you’re in TVHM you dont have much freedom farming wise.

Good luck with your playthough :slight_smile:

I’m not really seeing anything unconventional with their build. A few points could get reallocated but otherwise fine.

Ye is what i meant

Thanks for advice guys, lucked out with gold keys. Got a shock, corrosion pistols. Pretty much tore through everything. My gear was just outdated. Unfortunately all I get fir drops is sniper rifles and shotguns so far. Guess it’s part of the grind. Anyway if anyone has advice I’m pretty new still. Really enjoying it for the most part. Bring on BL 3…definitely a preorder.

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You should be able to make good use of the shotguns (although it depends a little bit on what they are.)

Shotguns and snipers are better on average than pistols for Sal given his ammo mitigation and Regen.

Look for Hyperion shotguns and Vladof snipers first.