Need a little help

I are there any one still willing to help someone kinda new to this game…like me

What kind of help do you need? If you’re looking for co-op partners, check the “Online play and trading” thread for your platform. If you want answers to questions, fire away!

Well i cant do none of the hacks and stuff is that due to the new update

There hasn’t been a game update or hotfix for a while, so I’m not 100% sure what you mean.

If you’re referring to the ability to use certain weapon/shield combos as seen in videos (Bee/Conference call, Evil Smasher glitch, etc.) from the first year following release then yes, a lot of those things have been patched in different ways because they were basically broken. The game was also modified to remove impossible items from players’ inventories, because it was breaking the on-line multiplier experience.

The game’s still eminently playable and great fun, though, and it’s totally possible to play it without relying on broken gear combinations. The Bee is still a good shield, the Conference Call is still a great shotgun, etc. Just don’t expect to be able to run around one-shotting everything and taking raid bosses down in 2 seconds!

If there’s some specific part of the game you want advice on, ask away; if you want to know about a particular character’s skills, or best gear to use, check out the relevant sub-forum. Still lots of knowledgeable folks around who can give good advice on strategy, build, gear, etc.

I mean like the badass token glitch…do you play on ps3

Nope, XBox - sorry!

Dang do you know how the glitches work

What badass token glitch?

This is not an appropriate forum to discuss glitches like that.

Don’t do it, please.