Need a lvl 61 legendary Bezerker class mod for lvl 72 legendaries

I’m in need of a level 61+ legendary Bezerker class mod for my gunzerker. I have many lvl 50, 61, and 72 legendary weapons and shields
Get: isaacman00

What are the lvl 61 weapons u have ?

Vengeful infinity (all elements), corrosive butcher, bitch, sham, rough rider, sand hawk, DP unkempt Harold, and some other ones but I can’t remember off the top of my head

Well I lnow I have a class mod but don’t know what lvl

I’m new to this what lvl does it need to be?

I need a lvl 61 class mod if that’s what you mean?

So needs to be 61 idk if I have that man but know I definitely have one

Ok someone else told me they have one but I’m still willing to give you my stuff for that class mod

Ok be on in 20 mins ok is that a problem

Ok that’s cool

Getting on now

Is that your gamer tag?

Yep, just message me and I’ll invite u

Can we do it in sanctuary