Need a new class

Okay I know how touchy this will be cuz everyone has their own playstyle so The Developers have never made yet a pure Tank vault hunter yet. Like one that can for reason tank. I do also have like one most made on paper it’s just that Gearbox only cares to cater to the DPS people and don’t care about people like me and others that want a tank class… like here’s a idea for the class mod give a passive for Aggro to the pure tank vault hunter.

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well, no arpg really has a pure tank because they are singleplayer games after all and everyone is supposed to be able to kill their enemies xD
imagine a tank in bl2 with the insane life regen of the enemies
they couldnt even kill them xD
but amara could have potential for being a tank

The closest thing to a tank in this game is FL4K’s pet if they choose to use the Red Fang class mod.

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Red Fang Fl4k oet build for aggro… I think an argument can be made for Moze. If built correctly for highest possible cool down, Mendel’s Multivitamin shield with +50% Health other gear with +Health… Vampyr, of course… You can get around 250-300k Iron Bear health, health Regen with grenades and splash damage while in IB, with very little cool down… Your damage may not be the best, but you could be in Iron Bear nearly forever, theoretically. While in IB you are unkillable.


Another possibility for tankiness with the right gear and build would be Zane if you use his Barrier Shield as one of the 2 active skills. But they’ll have to fix the glitches with it first (some enemies can shoot through the smaller personal barrier shield when he picks it up and carries it with him. )


If you make a pure tank class, how are you supposed to accomplish some objectives. For example, Proving Grounds Fervor M4. There’s already a number of players who can’t even complete it and these are DPS-oriented class.

Edit: Imagine 4 pure tank VHs playing Fervor M4. It would be a nightmare and waste of time because they won’t be able to kill the anoints with the given max time limit

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I’m not lacking the smarts. Cuz pure tank doesn’t mean all of it is tank stuff. I would stay about 85% of the stuff is. You are not even smart.

Currently no tanking Vault Hunter.

Well, until you can show one, then you’re all talk. You start calling people not smart when people disagree with you or when people correct you?

Well, that shows who really has the smarts here lol.

Yeah, I agree with you here. Even Krieg in BL2 was capable of some heavy hits. I tanked on my Krieg for my group and was able to get something like 94% damage reduction or something high like that. I could one shot mobs, so it was viable, but bosses took forever lol


I never called the people not smart cuz he disagree with me… I know for a fact that the developers cater to DPS on BL3.

So you just call people not smart when they think pure tank VH means pure tank but what you really mean is not a pure tank but just 85% tank?

Edit: Care to describe this 85% tank? I am really more interested in the 15%. Is that 15% dps? How would that work in killing enemies in M4?

Pretty much every topic you make or comment on, you end up insulting people who are trying to help you.

You are suggesting a complete redesign of a character, or a brand new character… The chances of either happening are slim to none.

The game is what the game is. There is not going to be a radical change like you are suggesting.

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I’m not even insulting at all.

Eh… Seems kinda insulting

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No it’s not.

Hey folks. Here we are again.

Please, just flag posts you find troublesome rather than get into personal conflict here. As per the FORUM RULES

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