Need a phasecast anoit gun

Can someone send me a weapon with that after phasecast 250% weapon dmg anoit plz.

It really doesn’t matter what gun or lvl or colour, can be a white one.

I only want to see what it’s translated in German, I haven’t seen a single gun with that anoit for easily 9 month and I have about 30 days of playtime with amara.
Wouldn’t be the first thing that’s terribly wrong translated.

So plz any gun :nerd_face:

I will trade for it btw, legendary for a white :sweat_smile:

Or doesn’t this anoit exist any more?

Play as Zane and Phazecast 250 is all you’ll get.

I’ve got all 4 characters on lvl 65 with none of them I had this anoit. I’m not even sure that I have ever seen it in-game. That’s more than suspicious, so I think wrong translation . In German the weapon charge speed stat is translated to atlas charge speed for example

In German only this phasecast anoit exists or drops for me whatever.
there are 2 different phasecast anoits right ?
One for effect chance one for wpn dmg. At least I hope so

In your mail

Big THX man !
So now I’m confused.
And that’s definitely a phaseCAST anoit?

It should be unless I can’t read lmfao, I might’ve just misread it honestly

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So here is why I’m asking like fool.

In German phasegrasp is called ‘Phasenumklammerung’
And phasecast ‘Phasenprojektion’
Hmm I can see the problem here
Does an phasegrasp 250% wpn dmg anoit exist?
I don’t believe anything anymore, everything is a conspiracy :grimacing: :triumph:

And btw FU GBX translation team !
That’s the third one.

There’s phaseslam 300% weapon damage, don’t think there’s anything for phasegrasp weapon damage.

Yeah seems like in the German version there is…
I will test if only the text is wrong or if we got other anoits over here, this makes me so ■■■■■■■ mad. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Btw I really appreciated your help Husm4n, plz tell me if you need some stuff from my list .

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Yeah just tested it and GBX mixed phasecast and phasegrasp in the German translation.

Thx for your enormous quality control GBX.
Btw this thread can be closed thx

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