Need a team of 2-4 people to play with

Hi I’m looking for anyone with a mic, speaks english and has an Xbox one to play with me. I’m starting Borderlands 2 and I’ll be playing as zer0. I’m looking for 2-4 people to play through the game with me. Story and side quests. If interested please message me on Xbox Live. My gamer tag is XXPR0J3CTGD0GXX. thank u for your interest.

Yeah I’ll play what’s your gamertag also looking for some to play with since matchmaking is broke

My gamer tag is: XXPR0J3CTGD0GXX on Xbox live, I have currently one other person on the roster. I will be starting to play at 1pm-2pm U.S. pacific time and I will need to know your gamer tag so I can friend you and message u for future info. Thanks for interest.

Ay if you are still “recruiting” people to play with im available. my gamertag is mS Xero and i have a mic.

If your still looking my gt is iarmednhammered

ill be on in like 5-10 mins

We already have 4 people so we are full. I will let you know when we have avlaliblity.