Need A Team To Help Kill Terra For Trophy Please


I’m looking to kill Terramorphous for the trophy but, alas, I am a lowly level 51 Siren and have been unable to solo it.

I don’t care how the worm goes down (a level 80 player comes in and nukes it, a crew of me and 3 other level 50ish folks take it on, no difference to me) but I would like it dead ASAP and I would like to be a part of it.

This may actually also get me the “Complete all side missions” trophy.

My PSN name is FilthyLittleGod

Please send me a message / friend request on PSN or please reply / message on here.

Thanks in advance for any help!

FILTHY! You’ve gone from Battleborn to Borderlands eh? If you’re on now, I’ll do it for ya.

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I platinum’d every Borderlands game on PS3.

Trying to do it again on PS4

Blands 1 already done.

The Terra is dead!

(Long live the Terra!)

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