Need a veterans' suggestion on

i have the goty edition, im currently a lv 19, main plot wise…im at the where i have to go to the wildLife preservation thing, but i wont start it until im at lv 20 or 20ish…

which extra (dlc) story can i start without being spoiled of the main storys’ plot…

halp D:

If you want absolutely no spoilers, then I would go with the Pirate DLC: Captain Scarlett and the Pirate’s Booty. The other 3 have a little bit of spoilers to the endgame, specifically the Big Game Hunt and the Dragon Keep DLC’s.

the Pirate story where is it, in terms of fast travel location?


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Ooo - when did that change?

I just noticed it this morning. So very recently.

and also…while i was looking through the location selector via the Fast Travel module/station…

one location had a pink-purplish highlight, what does that mean?

Was it Unassuming Docks? That’s the starting point for DLC4, which takes place in… well, locations that don’t actually exist in Pandora. (You’ll see when you play it - it is amazing!)

i think so? i didnt look at the name of the location xD

When you highlight the name, the location on the map will also get highlighted in pink. This happens for all the DLC4 locations.

If it was on the lower left, then it was probably the Unassuming Docks. All of DLC 4 takes place in Tina’s imagination and will spoil events of the main story if you play it before finishing the story.

ah okay