Need a way to report players

I am sure there are topics on this but its important enough to flood the boards. There needs to be a way in game to report players. I just had a match where a player i kept jumping off the ledge to lose all our team lives. We pushed through and kept playing and earned more lives. I guess when enough time passed he came back in and found he could not join another match so he stayed in that one and burned lives as we collected them.

I love your game but it should not be so easy for one person to ruin it for other people.

Not gonna happen game isn’t big enough for that

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You can report on the forum
For this kind of thing they would ask for a video footage though

I think there should be a way to report players or at least keep them from being matched with you again. I got cussed out by a linguist, and I use that term loosely, for playing the tank (which he complained we needed after autolocking thorn…) I hadn’t ever played before. I’m not trying to be a part of a scummy community, so something needs to be done about this sort of thing. Some form of abuse/reporting mechanism definitely needs to be in place. BTW if there are any Devs/mods who want to handle this his IGN is “oowetnoodlez”

so i’m not the only one who met this guy, good to know. i just got done with 2 games, one with him and one against, and i got out of games like league and smite because of that punk. gearbox, please do something about this, it only takes one toxic human being to ruin an experience, especially in this game. skillersinc., i’m sorry you had to deal with him in your first game, hopefully we’ll never see him again.