Need a weapon to simulate DOOM's Gauss Cannon

Nearly finished my build, about to upload, but the Masterworks Crossbow is, frankly, crap.

Looking for something decent to simulate a Gauss Cannon instead.

I’d think some kind of Maliwan sniper, but as far as I know the legs all do AOE stuff, nothing noteworthy that simply fires a charged laser beam, so may try some kind of launcher instead, maybe.

Any suggestions/thoughts? Perhaps other weapons you’d like to see me try in the video.

Sorry I’m making topics on this rather than just making the vid, I haven’t done one since BL2 XD

EDIT: First thing that comes to my mind would probably be the ION CANNON, much as I’d prefer not to be disappointed by it again.

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Compared to other choices such as maliwans proton rifle; or vladofs bagronk; the ion cannon is by far the least disapointing

storm has charge time and shoots once per charge does good dmage too and is shock what more do you want

Mantis Cannon


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Using that to simulate the equipment launcher from Eternal, so already ahead of you on that :stuck_out_tongue: