Need active people to do random co op low-mid levels .w/mic

Hey you, yes you sitting alone bored as hell on your computer/console/phone obviously wanting to play borderlands 2/TPS, but your friends on your list have moved on to Black ops or destiny or Rocket leage, and your stuck wanting to play a game no one touches anymore, you try and play with yourself but its just not the same unless you have someone at your back. alll thooose daammn sidequests that go by so quickly when you have 2 others doing them with you, just seem to drag on and on and on, that boss fight which was epic with all those second winds and " sombody ####ing revive me damnit"s now seem boring and lackluster.That is what i can do for you, and also what you can do for me,
im canadian opinionated and anoying, but i wont steal all your loot, and im more fun than an NPC. online often as i can, add me and reply with your username so others can add you too,

I’m here to play with ya man psn is IntuitiveApple3

You can add me too, PSN is LurkerZ_A

hello, im up for it :slight_smile: my psn is connor0402

hell ye im down PSN:vladmeir

Is lvl 25 ok? If so, PSN: Dragonchest860

Anybody can add me for this and other games. I always play legit.

ps4- Mtdude