Need Advice For Maliwan Takedown

So this is going to be my first time going through the takedown because i’ve just picked up the game recently. I have looked everywhere online but can’t seem to find a gun to use for maliwan takedown other than the redistributor. I’m thinking of going in and using cutsmans, a monarch, and an ion cannon or yellowcake. Can ya’ll give me some advice, much appreciated.

Update : I’ve managed to breeze through the takedown with a monarch, a shock and corrosive plaguebearer, a corrosive cutsman and a corrosive backburner. Thank ya’ll for helping

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What kind of weapon do you like? In addition to those you cited you can use:
Launchers: Plaguebearer, backburner
SMG: Kaoson
Shotgun: Reflux, Lob

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I use a hellshock to remove the Valkyrie Squad shields, a corrosive Kaoson, radiation redistributor, and a corrosive cutsman. Of course getting the redistributor requires killing Wotan, so a chicken/egg problem.

If you’re going to queue up for the takedown, you could get carried, but I’m not sure anyone does that anymore.

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Using a Monarch instead of a Redistributor will work.

I’ve been using these weapons on my Zane for the Takedown:

  • corrosive Cutsman (Wotan and Valkyrie yellow bars)
  • shock Cutsman (Wotan blue bars)
  • shock Sand Hawk (Badass Wardog and Valkyrie blue bars)
  • Monarch (everything else + Wotan’s Better Half)

+1 on the Reflux. That gun is really good on the bridge where you’re fighting several enemies at once. It’s what I used before getting a good Monarch – I swapped it out for a Kaoson for the Wotan fight.

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Thanks for the advice man !

Yea i don’t wanna get carried, i wanna experience the hell XD.

I already have most of the weapons that you said but i find that when keeping up my action skill with seein dead is hard because i dont have a redistributor, so most of the time i use a monarch then switch to the kaoson for general mobbing, but thanks for the advice man !

I’ve actually done it a few times with the Anarchy shotgun from the Hammerlock DLC.
Keep the stacks up and it wrecks many things. I used the Bouncy tower and Anarchy shots over the shields to take out Wotan.


yea i heard that the anarchy was op but i haven’t gotten into dlc 2 quite yet, but thanks for the advice !

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Heres what i use. Dlc 1 seeing dead com.

Dome shield. Either hitman. Or db clone with undercover ccc.

Hitmans the easiest/fastest because playing dirty and actionskill regain with seeing dead.

The best thing you can do is get yourself a corrosive plaguebearer from warden.

From dcl1 get an electric ion cannon or electric cutsman.

Transformer shield or whatever ur comfortable with.

For bosses clone is probably the best because of ase on demand with clone destruct. Having a ase such as shield or grenade corrosive paya off. Gotta have different ase on shield/grenade. Go frost.

The plaguebearer will pay off in spaids.

Bring an opq from cartel right now.

Im assuming ur in mayhem for plaguebearer if not.
Cutsman for bosses is ok or a corrosive rocket launcher.

Ammo regens. Fishslap grenade + cutpurse somesht

Or any grenade u want and a cutpurse in general with good stats.

Getting shot on. Purpose with transformer gives alot of ammo back for launchers/snipers if you wanna use em.

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thanks for the advice ! i am currently running with drone and bubble shield on M10, i haven’t gotten around to doing clone and bubble shield but it sounds like a lot of fun.

On opq helps miles especially with a transformer and killling normal mobs. But ive adapted to launcher killing everything. Because well.

Kaboom baby! You can keep ur hitman bubble shield build on and. Juat abuse clone for ase spams.
I mean the poor kraken will melt with two plague bearer shots. Valkyries too.

I use the yellowcake for shields. I don’t even bother with the ion cannon anymore cakes cost efficient.

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I have a spare M10 rad redistributor 100% cryo if you’d like it. It does work wonders for keeping up action skills. A few days back I posted a video in the gameplay video forum showing how I keep up both action skills from the first mob, to killing Wotan and his better half. Was just sort of a fun challenge.

Thanks, but for now i’d like to see how far i can make it and if i can make it XD, I just farmed the cartels event for a good yellowcake with 300% anoint but no luck so far. Maybe tommorow i’ll farm the reflux and sandhawk.

Yea, sandhawk works well too.

I’ve been trying for days to get a 100% cryo redistributor but he will not drop it lol. I’ve gotten alot of Tiggs, but not really what I wanted lol

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150rad damage under 50 life is enough though.
With a deathless artifact and a transformer shield, all you need to do is roll a modifier with shock potential like pool party and you’re good to go.

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I often have a brain stormer or reflux in one of my slots to refill my action skill bars if they get low.

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-Mr Torgue

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