Need advice - Solo Clappy through TVHM

I started a Claptrap for Co-Op play and had a blast through NVHM in the BFF tree - My friend is now forever orbiting Earth’s moon in Destiny - Anyone have any advice on a solid solo build for leveling through TVHM? Any play tips / gearing suggestions for the new tree would be appreciated.

@boothwah I’m assuming you meant the I Love You Guys tree when you said BFF. Honestly, you could keep your ILYG build and continue down either Boomtrap or Fragmented Fragtrap and do just fine throughout TVHM solo. Both trees offer great DPS. If you want something more straightforward in its damage, go Boomtrap, but if you want a more balanced offering with some chaos thrown in go FF.

In terms of class mods there are a lot of good ones: Sapper, Loose Cannon, Factory Second, Overclocker, and Madtrap all come to mind. My favorite is Factory Second but try them all and don’t hesitate to re-spec and figure out what you like.

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Yeah - ILYG was correct (BFF was Gaige right?) - I’m trying out the Boom trap line per your suggestion - Kill bot and CC seemed pretty straightforward - But the rest of the tree seems pretty inneffectual unless you are playing Jakobs/torgue handguns or shotties.

I kind of like using a fair number guns - Have a decent collection of Luneshine Vladovs (anarchists/patriots/tmps) from my other characters and misc legendaries for leveling - I think I may have to respec and try out the other tree.

The Fragmented Fragtrap tree adds a level of randomness that I’m not sure everyone will enjoy. There are some great skills further down the tree, but the first tier sort of dictates your playstyle. For example, you’re camped out with your favorite sniper rifle happily plinking away at distance when you roll shotguns. If you want to continue sniping, you’re going to eat at least 15% damage reduction. Say you shift gears and run down to the action blasting away and then you roll assault rifles, so you back off a bit. Then you roll health: all your weapons eat some damage reduction, but at least if your shield dies, you may be in good shape. Then you roll sniper rifles…

However, if you’re down to let those dice take you for a ride, and can carry enough gear to account for any situation (which includes elements because Triple Clock is the icing on the cake here), it can be enjoyable. Loaded with high-end gear and aren’t sure what you want to use to take out those enemies? Let the dice decide!

Also, Rainbow Coolant is surprisingly powerful (and pretty funny)… It’s usually a one-hit kill against any chumps in the blast radius (as it should be, given that it’s a capstone skill. We’ll see how it fares in UVHM though).

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I personally find it disappointing.

One of the weaker capstones in this game.Especially without ML.

The damage of the nova is decent ,but it’s just one nova that you cannot time that also happens quite rarely.

Action Package that this skill unlocks stacks ML like crazy,but that’s more or less the only use for it.

If your going solo try to use the boomtrap tree, The pirate is very effective against bosses

I’m a level 60 now (working through UVHM).
I think I played TVHM at LVL 35-40.
Here is what I did:

Now if you play with others AT ALL, you’ll want points into through thick and thin and Best Buds 4 Life.

I’m Rubber you’re glue (Torque Fiesta)
Kick Him While He’s Down (Clap-In-The-Box)

I died so many times playing solo because I had that one. I respec’d and removed it.
However, Second Wind is totally worth it.

This is where I am now, and I love it. My CL4P-TP is a beast:

I am looking like this right now. I dabbled with fragmented fragtrap when I first played, but I honestly hated switching weapons around all the time.[was really annoying when you had only like 2 weapon slots for the LONGEST time] I went boomtrap and haven’t looked back. i do highly suggest a single point in safety first. the damage lost is barely noticeable compared to the defensiveness it adds especially when the shield one is up. I tried going back to that tree when someone posted an interesting melee claptrap build, but I couldn’t figure out how to close the gap fast enough to I gave up on it. I use all elemental weapons pretty much. shock 90% of a time, with a corrosive bullpup. I prefer elemental tediore weapons if I can find them, and upgrade when I can.

A question on maniacal laughter, it says +20%… but it really means x20% doesn’t it? because that is what it feels like it is doing.

my jack clone found a a cradle shield and I’ve been experimenting with it. I am thinking of finding another explosive nova to replace it because it doesn’t work like I thought it would. I am not sure if my sapper mod has any effect on it really since I am seeing so many yellows using primarily rapid fire weapons all the time for CC.

I plan on working my way down to Living on the Edge, and then probably build up organize guns and play around with HFG. I am not sure what I’ll do after that. top off some skills I guess. I hope the mag increase with organize guns has synergy with one last thing, because I’ll be looking out for more power smaller magazine weapons then.