Need advices : Farm Elemental Projector quickly and (quite) easily

Hi there folks !

Just looking for some advice as I’m in desperate need one for my build, sadly never came across a regular one (not even mentioning legendary version) :frowning:
I’ve read somewhere that it’s a pretty common drop but have had no luck so far…
So, any advice ? Any particular spot to farm this ?
Also, I play on MM3 for now (doing decently in MM4 but feeling a bit squishy to be effective while farming :-/)

Thanks for your help !

GW and Rampager drop the most loot. I’ve come across a few nice ones farming them. Traunt, KV, Gigimind. Pick your poison.


Hey there ! I’ll go try on Traunt then, my Shock focused Amara is eating him in seconds on MM3 :smiley: Might even try to take him down on MM4, for increased luck :smiley:

Thank you good Sir !

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What system are you on? PS4 here. I might have a spare if the RNG gods are unkind.

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Thanks ! That’d be awesome ! Until now no luck indeed :frowning: I’m on PS4 actually :slight_smile:


I have had loads from GW

Can someone plz give me the Elemental projector I’m play on ps4 gamertag is @ RebelRaven2189 I play as amara

I’ve been farming A9K with good success…


Does anyone have an elemental projector on the ps4? Been farming for a week with Amara, tvhm and on mayhem 4. Tons of artifact drops, but no elemental projector.

What is GW?

Grave Ward