Need alot of help please!

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just started trying to make my own map .and to be honest don't really know what I'm doing but I'm learning very slowly !!
any basic tips to keep the editor working at least a bit better!!
I downloaded a map from (the user said it was ok to do so as it didn't work ) so I managed to strip everything out but the basic terrain and a few buildings and the editor still don't like the build all button !
running windows 10 with ssd don't know if there's an issue there ?
like does it matter that I'm keeping my map saves on my desktop
wound prefer text based wikis etc rather than videos .even finding info is a bit hard these days looking on the old forum can be a bit of a pain !
also even getting borderlands goty disc version to install can be a real pain (think a wiki on that wound help others)
is there an issue with having both the steam and dvd versions on same pc ?

many thanks for any help /there will more questions to come lol

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First tip for making the editor stable is to disable the auto-save feature which you can find out how to do by checking out this tutorial I have put together. It is not 100% complete, but it is better than nothing.

It shouldn't matter where you keep your saves, but if you start having files with same names in different locations you may run into some confusion.

Here is the holy bible of Unreal 3 documentation. Almost everything will apply to the editor we are using give or take some features since our editor is slightly older than what is documented here, but everything is pretty much the same.

There is no issue with having a steam version and an alternate install location specifically for modding, actually this is the only method I would advise of.

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firstly many thanks dopefiend for your reply .
I have been reading this forum for about a week or so now ,which is why I joined "the last true place for borderlands addicts"
I did a repair of my borderlands and it "seems" to be better now !
also may I recommend this site his vids are down at moment but I emailed him and he said he was going to sort it out

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Yup those were the first videos I ever saw when I attempted borderlands modding and I have come a long way since then. Definitely a good place to start, good to know they're coming back.

Also a great source for video lessons if that is what you prefer is 3dbuzz. The tutorials are extremely in depth and well explained might I add they're also absolutely free. I also used these videos when starting out and watched them in order until I was comfortable with what I was doing.

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Dont forget to regularly delete the "unpublished" folder from your main borderlands directory under the "my games" folder in your "documents" folder. This will clog up over time and cause the editor to bug out.

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thanks mr_GJ for reply
running with windows 10 also could be an issue and was on a 4k monitor and have now reduced the resolution seems to help
DONT use the build all button
still get the odd general protection fault when it crashes

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Udk crashes regularly. Just get used to it. All we can say is save your work often, that is essential for your temperament. XD

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Yeah listen to Mr. Grimmjow, you dont want to waste 4 hours of work by single random crash wich happend to me too many times. Try saving at least every 10 minutes, it will save you a lot of nerves :wink:

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I spent nearly a full day trying to get skags to spawn and got cross package fault etc then renamed my map so there wasn't any spaces in and now it works F@@K .
that tip wound have helped!! nevermind lesson learnt !!!!!!!

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can someone help please ? why are all my signs/posters really fuzzy until I get really close up to them in the game (look ok in the editor)
thanks for any reply

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In your static mesh properties under rendering enable the check box labeled "bForceMipStreaming".

You can do this to all of your meshes in your map by going into the generic browser and going into scene manager tab I believe it is called? From there in the search box type staticmesh to filter only static meshes and select them all by selecting the top one then scroll to the bottom and shift click the last one in the list, this will select them all at once and you can now in the right hand side options enable the "bForceMipStreaming" that will save you a ton of time compared to going into each property window at a time.

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as requested by MR GJ some photos of my map

area 1 is a craw framing area with a secret cave !!!!!
area's 2 and 4 still need work on at moment
area 3 is the first main crimson base which will lead to area 5 which will become the second crimson castle/fort/base
I'm planning on building other maps as part as a sort of dlc
these maps my be a underground missile factory / a command ship (like the one in the avengers movie)
area 5 at the moment is a temporary "work" area with meshes I may end up using later on
I may well have used other peoples static mashes while looking in the packages folder so if you see something of yours don't feel upset

quite happy with the bridge I made one of the first things I did

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on a sort of side note I find it amazing that a game made in 2009 still has such a good group of fans and still people getting into the editor side of things .
lets hope if gearbox ever make borderlands 3 for pc they see the light and include an editor in it .
just look at how big Minecraft is ,there's even a sort-of building tool in the new fallout 4

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how do I change the colour of the name on the weapon card like on the bandit weapons which are red ??

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #15

Edit the rarity settings.

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thanks was looking at buzz axe and bandit sniper for ages and had changed most of it and sort of figured it out but something didn't work??!! ok now
do the numbers correspond to specific colours ?ie could I example have black rarity??
bit more research think I'd have to edit the globals udk ??

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NEVER edit .udk's from the vanilla game you goof, how many times to we have to say that? Simply add a rarity setting to it from either "common" to "legendary" and add this to multiple unique parts of a weapon like the title, prefix, etc.

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oh yes haven't touched the globals file half guessed its not a good idea (or it wound have been done) by yourself.
more of a what if idea
still wound be cool to have a different rarity colour black/pink etc

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I wish there were more hours in the day! This stuff looks like a lot of fun, and I do a fair bit of 3d modeling at work, so how hard can it be to pick up, right? :wink: Maybe someday...

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if I can do it any one can start small make one gun and go from there