Need an Amara build (No guns,love, & tentacles dlc)

I wanted to use this build

But I don’t have the dlc required for the old god shield or the pearl mod. Unless anyone can suggest good replacements for those for that build, can anyone possibly direct me to a good damage build that doesn’t require any items from that particular dlc? I only have Moxxis dlc. I don’t play solo, I’m usually playing with my boyfriend.

That build will work fine without any DLC items, I run something similar myself and it handles M10 just fine. Any weapon with unlisted projectiles and a fast fire rate shreds so Conference Call, Hyperfocus and Redistributor are all base game weapons that work. Recursion and Brainstormer also wreck with this build. For a relic I’d probably use the Electric Banjo instead of the Pearl if you don’t have the DLC, and the trusty Transformer with an +Elemental damage on ASE anoint is my goto shield.

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Thank you, I’ll try that out.
I am horrible at trying to come up with my own build, i have a hard time, like I’ll be reading stuff on the items and then have to re-read it like 5 times before my mind actually wraps around what it means lol. Thank you for the reply!