Need an assist with Lore Challenges

Hey guys need help doing Mellka and Deande’s lore challenges. Namely the ones where you need to play missions, either online or story, with a Ghalt on Melka and an Ambra with Deande. Message me on My Xbox account, El Cuco65 or reply on this thread if you want to help. I just need 3 missions for each.

I should be on later tonight.
Gamertag same as forum name.
Even if we don’t meet up, Hardcore and suiciding knocks these out SUPER fast.
I partied with one guy for 3 hours and did almost every ‘party with X’ challenge in the game.
I think we wound up with a combined 24 Lores completed? (We each had some done already)

I will be grinding for Boss Legendaries, since they claim to have upped the drop rate, so it will be a lot of Void’s Edge and Sentinel for me, soon.

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I’m down. I’ve been planning on grinding out lore today anyways.