Need An Experienced 5 Man PVE Crew For Friday / Saturday

Hey guys.

I have a goal for this weekend.

Start with “The Experiment” on Advanced Non-Hardcore and then work my way, starting with Algorithim, ending with Heliophage, through every story musdion on hardcore.

(To get the hardcore completion trophy do you need to do the missions on advanced hardcore or can you do them on Normal hardcore?)

I’m hoping a lot of my usual BB online crew can help me out:

@deande @hobbitwarrior @loving-hatred @ripley @blainebrossart1 @lostkrouu @Exousia

Can any of you guys help me out FRIDAY afternoon / evening and Saturday all day / evening or maybe Sunday?

Anyone else who is interested in helping, please post in this topic, send me a message, or add me on PSN FilthyLittleGod

Experienced PVE’rs only please!

Thanks in advance!


Be happy to help when I’m on.

Also, my name pre-dates the need for a hyphen. On here and the PSN,

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I’d be willing to help. Should be free for Saturday. And I’ve played through them all numerous times, once or twice each on hardcore. But the scaling is brutal with more people, wouldn’t smaller teams function better?

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You can get the Trophy by completing it on normal hardcore. Got it last night, I’d been soloing hardcore with pendles.



Thanks buddy.

You make an excellent point, but, if each person knows what they are doing, 5 man is soooooo fun!

@hobbitwarrior Fixed and thanks!

@Radimus_VonAwsom Good to know, thanks!


I uhh, would be okay with playing I guess.

I’m mediocre at best though lol

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I am game if needed. Would love to run some 5 person, been awhile. PvE is all I do; 500 hrs. PSN ID langfordrocks. Thanks

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If im free id love to do some PVE. i might have to work saturday though.

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Maybe not all day o.o. I play about 7 different games everyday. What is your timezone again Filthy?
I need to make a note to myself so that I do not forget

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Feel free to add me when I am on. I also love a good challenge.

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Mountain time (MST).

Everyone else - thanks kindly!

I average three. Nope, I average 1, when I do get on its 2 to three. Woe is Battlebornless me :head_bandage:

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@epicender584 @Deande

What are the other games?

Smash, the forums
I actually won a few tournaments in the former before battleborn came out


If I can do it, I’ll do it. Friday would suit me thought.

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The Division
Guild Wars 2
Dynasty Warriors
Barely Destiny
FFxiv- A Realm Reborn/Heavensward
Black OPS 3
Subway Surfers
BB Tap
Frozen Freefall

I could go on and on

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That explains the quickness of your reflexes!



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Yeah, feel free to send an invite my way if you have room. I don’t have any work to do, so I’ll be on all weekend.

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Excellent list!


…Not really; i just REALLY wanted an excuse to use this meme.