Need Anointed Radiation hex grenade

PM if you have or post here what u want for it thx.

Actually got one off Chubra last night.

Not sure trading it. But would for right items. What do you have for Zane left?

Always looking to upgrade my infiltrator mod, my otto idol for sure needs an upgrade,

Also looking for great anointed gear or very high DPS for Zane. He is weak in boss fights compared to the other builds. I could use a very high damage or x 2 Lyudas,
Anointed Doc, any anoited laser sploders, etc

GT - xCaliburxxx

got a 683x2 cryo lyuda (cryo is supposed to be good with zane right? lol) with 22 mag if you are interested for the hex

like to check it out

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sent u message