Need Assain Class Mod and OP8 Bladed Grog Nozzle (Ps4)

Looking for someone that has a extra Lengendary Ninga class mod for the Assaian. Preferabley level 72 through OP3. Also looking for someone that has an extra OP8 Bladed Grog Nozzle. Costic OP8 Norfleet for trade. ALso have perfect unkempt herold.

Got you moved to the PS4 section. It also helps if you offer something in return.
Happy looting!

@waltreinke i can help you out if wanted with the class mod and pistol. what’s your psn id?

hey, sorry for replying so late. My psn is Andor 17. Give me 15 mins and i can give you the stuff.