Need assassin skins Xbox 360

I’ve gotten very close to all the skins multiple times but thetly keep getting reset, I found a fix, but there is still a handful of skins I need. I could farm mostly alone, but if anyone has Jack’s mask, cyanide, dahl efficiency, the mothrakk skin, and/or the vermivorous head and skin, could you please help me out? Thanks!

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what do you mean by this?

(That was supposed to say they) I don’t know why, but any skin/head that isn’t from a quest or challenge get removed from my total so I have to re-farm them. I made a separate character to hold on to the skins so I can duplication glitch them instead of farming.

we could farm for these if you wanted to, also i think one of my friends might have a couple of these as he has a lot of heads. i personally dont have any heads or skins for zero

what level is your zero?

My zer0 is op8

I might have to use an alt. account to farm because my Xbox live ran out.

ok just message me on xbox if you do want help, im not gonna be on my xbox until tomorrow as im busy all day.

That will work, thanks!