Need assistance on shift log-in

So for the foreverest length of time, I’ve been logged into the TPS shift machine in Concordia. I’d go there down load a restful of keys and over time redeem them. Recently I went to see how many were backlogged in and got a I’m no longer logged in to my shift account. I went to my shift account and its accepting keys from all the games including TPS. But when I tried to follow directions to get logged into shift in TPS it sends me to the Microsoft store and wants me to pay either $10 or $15 bucks a month for the privelege. WTF???

Unfortunately, SHIFT codes are considered on-line play as far as MS is concerned so yes, you do need a subscription to use them. Either XBox Live Gold or the new GamePass. I saw a deal on that of three months for $1 when I signed on the other day.