Need assistance on xbox one op8 run

Long story short my best friend and I play bl2 every year at xmas time wheb he comes back to town for a few days. Thats the only time we play the game, we are op7, trying to get to op8 so we can begin the playthrough. After 5 failed attempts on the rub, im requesting assistance from OP masters.

My gamertag is JooBurn on xbox one. Anyone willing to give us some help is welcomed!! Will be on A LOT the next 24 hours.

Who are you playing as? I’ve got at least one of every character at OP8. Also a time frame would help with this decision. And have you checked out the Digistruct Peak thread? Don’t know if it’s been stickied but it’s here somewhere…

I play sal, he plays axton. I know this run ahould not be difficult, ill be honest i dont think we have the drive we once did to grind this game out the way it was intended. Just want to get the op8 run done so we can casually play through yhe storyline again at op8 level.

As for timeline, well the next 6-8 hours idealy haha thanks again

I should add, we have farmed most op7 gear except for hawks (still lvl72).

I’ll be getting on soon if you still need a hand

If you guys are playing now I should be able to help you out- I think Maya would be a big help. My GT is the same as here but w/o the underscore. Just shoot me an invite (I also have a headset w/mic)…
Edit- just tried to find JooBurn and didn’t get a result…


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Stopping for lunch break, will be back on in an hourish.

As for not finding me i think its cuz there is a space.

Try Joo Burn

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