Need assistance with badges

Hi guys!

I have been doing some videos to try an encompass the oldHOD to nuHOD process, as I know it at least, to help anyone who needs something with a complete step-by-step for 3DsMax

I have had trouble with doing the badges though, I can do everything with it except flip it on the X axis. As below:

That character should be , for reference.

In the UVW Map section I set it to map channel 2 and hit Enter to set it, align to the Y axis with the radio button and hit “reset” to size it to the selected object (the badge square), I have the little tag on the yellow box pointing towards where the top of the badge should sit and if it’s the wrong way around I rotate the ship and use “view align” to rotate the yellow box.

Question: How do you flip it on the X axis? :confused:

Bonus Question: You may have noticed that the dark green panelling was removed from under where the badge was as it rendered the badge just about invisible, any way that we can have a badge on top of a dark section of hull?

Ok, I figured it out. For badges from above the ship you need to align to the Z axis and then manually pop the height in, as the auto-size buttons won’t get you the result you need.

Doing these badges could not be less intuitive :no_mouth:

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Agreed. Badges get me every time.

I believe scole said previously that the badge shader uses a “hard light” blend mode and to have badges against dark paneling you’d have to rewrite the shader code to use a different blend mode.

Can someone give me some guidance with this new issue please? :smiley:

I did a badge square in the same way that I usually did but this time the badge is distorted, same as the texture underneath it. I did a new texture and remapped the square to the new texture for it and there was no difference. The particular square where the badge is sitting looks fine in Max but is screwed up in-game :confused:

My guess is that you are using a non-square texture image and you used “fit” when you mapped the badge material…

Am I right?

I did use fit! It sizes the orange square to the badge square, does that do more than that then? >_<

I think it depends on the order you do things in. Because you have already mapped a material (which I believe is rectangular) on the model, “fit” may be fitting a rectangle onto a square, which is the source of the distortion. I would suggest using uvw unwrap with the badge material, and then click on “map” to ensure the map is square.