Need badass Moze class mods

I have 6 kybs worth, 2 tiggs boom, 2 redistributor, moonfire, good juju, and crader emp to trade for a great rolled Moze class mod

Are any of your Kyb’s Moze anointed “next 2 magazines increased incendiary damage”?

What mods you specifically looking for?

I have God rolls of all moze’s com’s which ones are you after?

All of them lol

Any as long as they have great rolls

Sadly No :confused:

are any binary and what is the anointment on your juju?

I give away all the eviscerating, and the juju has no anointment

whats your psn please? also are any of the guns you offer anointed?

Macaweagle78 yes

Which and what is the anointment please?

I sensed you a friend request I think haha accept and I’ll send you pics

I just sent you a fr